Sales Collateral

Sales collaterals are a range of materials used by a sales team to facilitate the sales process, including brochures, presentations, and more. Establishing a strong brand identity is essential before designing these collaterals. Branding, encompassing elements like the logo, color palette, and messaging, ensures that all materials align with the brand's values and maintain a consistent, trustworthy image. It provides the framework for design and content, enhancing the collaterals' effectiveness in connecting with the target audience.

Diverse Collateral Range

Sales collaterals encompass a diverse range of materials, each tailored to fulfil a unique role in the sales process. Whether it's brochures offering comprehensive information, sales decks captivating and persuading, presentations engaging the audience, or physical demo kits providing tangible experiences, our collaterals cover all aspects of the sales journey.

The Branding Imperative

Before diving into the design phase, we emphasize the significance of branding. A cohesive brand identity acts as the guiding force, ensuring that every collateral piece aligns seamlessly with your brand's values, voice, and visual identity.

Strategic Design

Our approach to collateral design is strategic. We understand the psychology of effective sales communication and apply it to create materials that not only inform but also inspire trust, driving conversions.

Audience-Centric Approach

Tailoring collaterals to resonate with your target audience is key. We ensure that every piece speaks directly to your potential customers, addressing their needs and concerns, and encouraging them to take action.

At Now Media, we specialise in crafting brand identities that lay the foundation for compelling sales collaterals.