Technology and SAAS

In the rapidly evolving Technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, NOW Media stands out as a creative powerhouse offering a broad spectrum of branding and marketing services tailored to tech companies and SaaS providers. Their expertise encompasses everything from establishing robust brand identities and strategic positioning to designing intuitive UI/UX and executing dynamic communication strategies. With a notable portfolio that includes work for innovative brands such as KINE.AI and Tennabo, NOW Media has demonstrated its capability to not only craft compelling visual identities but also to enhance user experiences and drive product adoption through targeted marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Branding and Marketing Solutions for Tech and SaaS

For KINE.AI, NOW Media developed a cohesive branding and communication strategy that effectively conveyed the brand's cutting-edge AI solutions to its target audience. Similarly, their work with Tennabo, an application designed to connect tennis players, encompassed both branding and UI design, along with managing marketing efforts that successfully increased app downloads. The development of the PRIME Coach app further showcases NOW Media's proficiency in creating fitness applications with user-friendly design and functionality, emphasizing their versatility across various tech sub-sectors.

NOW Media's services extend beyond traditional branding and UI/UX design to include strategic marketing initiatives tailored to the tech and SaaS industry. They excel in leveraging LinkedIn Ads and enhancing social media presence to connect businesses with their professional audience, generating leads, and building brand authority. Additionally, NOW Media supports internal communications and HR initiatives, helping tech companies foster a strong organizational culture and engage their teams effectively.

Innovating with Intellectual Property and Marketing Collaterals

Understanding the value of innovation in the tech and SaaS space, NOW Media assists brands in creating intellectual properties (IPs) and sub-brands that resonate with niche markets and specific customer segments. This approach not only diversifies the brand's portfolio but also strengthens its market position and fosters long-term growth. Furthermore, NOW Media's expertise in designing marketing collaterals, including outdoor branding and targeted communication materials, ensures that tech companies effectively reach their audience across multiple channels, from digital platforms to physical spaces.

By partnering with NOW Media, technology and SaaS businesses gain access to a team of experts dedicated to elevating their brand through strategic insights, creative design, and targeted marketing strategies. Whether it's launching a new app, rebranding a SaaS solution, or enhancing digital presence, NOW Media provides the tools and expertise necessary for tech companies to thrive in a competitive landscape. Their comprehensive approach to branding, UI/UX design, and marketing enables tech and SaaS brands to connect with their audience, drive product adoption, and achieve sustainable success.