Installations have the unique ability to transform ordinary spaces into captivating experiences. Our approach is tailored to design installations that are not just visually stunning but also resonate with your brand's identity, creating memorable experiences for your audience.

Customised Brand Installations

We craft installations that are customised to reflect your brand’s story and values, ensuring each piece is a unique representation of your brand.

Creating Interactive Experiences

Our installations are designed to engage and interact with your audience, inviting them to become a part of the brand experience.

Photo-Opportunities for Social Media Engagement

We understand the power of social media, and our installations are created with shareability in mind. They serve as perfect backdrops for photo opportunities, encouraging visitors to create content.

At Now Media, we are passionate about designing installations that not only captivate the eye but also foster meaningful interactions. With our expertise, each installation becomes a lasting testament to your brand's creativity and innovation, leaving a vivid impression on both physical spaces as well as the digital world.