1 November 2023


Scope of Work

NOW media was tasked with creating a comprehensive brand identity for TYD, a bar and restaurant in Bangalore specializing in coastal cuisine from around the world.

The project included developing a brand name, logo, color palette, brand patterns, internal signages, internal branding, impact wall art, menus, coasters, uniforms, and managing pre-launch social media activation and ad management.

The Brief

The brief required a succinct and memorable brand name consisting of three to four letters, alongside a vibrant and unique branding strategy that captured the essence of a coastal-themed restaurant. The aim was to create a brand identity that resonated with the outdoor Bangalore vibe and stood out in the competitive restaurant market.

NOW media embarked on a creative journey, starting with the brainstorming of a fitting name for the restaurant, settling on 'TYD'.

The team developed a logo that was described as fun, vibrant, exciting, and unique, aligning with the coastal theme and the restaurant's outdoor Bangalore vibe. The color palette and brand patterns were designed to complement TYD’s coastal theme, using vibrant and engaging colors to enhance the brand's visual appeal across various touchpoints.

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NOW media designed internal signages and branding elements, including impactful wall art to enrich the restaurant's ambiance.

The menus and coasters were crafted to align with TYD's aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive customer experience. Uniforms for the staff were also created to reflect the brand's identity. The pre-launch phase involved a targeted social media campaign to generate excitement, coupled with effective ad management on platforms like Meta. This comprehensive branding effort by NOW media successfully established TYD as a unique and inviting destination in Bangalore's dining scene, embodying a vibrant coastal experience through every element of its brand identity.

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