1 March 2023


Scope of Work

NOW media was tasked with creating a comprehensive branding solution for The Kind Roastery

The Kind was a unique concept combining elevated vegetarian dining and specialty coffee making. The scope included designing the logo unit, facade branding, internal space branding, wall back menu, packaging, and website. Additionally, NOW media was responsible for encapsulating the brand story and philosophy in a large wall design at the entrance of the space.


The Brief

The Kind Roastery aimed to bridge the gap between elevated vegetarian dining and specialty coffee, making it accessible and appealing to a broad audience. The branding needed to reflect the establishment's commitment to sustainability and ethical living. The concept of a tree of life was to be central in their logo and branding, symbolizing the interconnectedness of their values and offerings. The project required close collaboration between the family behind The Kind Roastery and the creative team, involving multiple site visits and ongoing conversations.

NOW media developed a logo that prominently featured the tree of life, symbolizing The Kind Roastery’s commitment to sustainability and ethical living.

This logo became the cornerstone of the brand's visual identity. The facade branding was crafted to attract and welcome patrons, setting the tone for their experience. Internally, the space was branded to reflect the unique combination of vegetarian dining and specialty coffee, with a wall back menu that was both functional and aesthetically aligned with the overall design. The packaging design continued this theme, ensuring a consistent brand experience even outside the restaurant.

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Beyond physical branding elements, NOW media also developed The Kind Roastery’s website, which served as a digital gateway to the brand, providing information and capturing the essence of their philosophy.

The large wall design created at the entrance was a visual representation of the brand’s story and philosophy, inviting customers into a space that celebrates sustainable and ethical living.

Throughout the project, the collaboration between the client and NOW media was pivotal in ensuring that every aspect of the branding resonated with the vision and values of The Kind Roastery. The comprehensive branding approach by NOW media successfully brought to life a brand that stands as a testament to ethical living, sustainability, and culinary innovation.

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