1 December 2022

The KariGhars

Scope of Work ‍

Facade branding and spatial branding to enhance the brand recall and alignment The KhariGhars’ brand identity and brand positioning.

The Brief

The Kharighars, an award-winning interior design firm known for its premium and luxury interiors, approached NOW media for spatial branding of their flagship luxury store in Bangalore. The project aimed to reflect the brand's ethos of luxury, quality, and customization in the physical space of their four-story building, enhancing visibility, brand recall, and customer trust.

Sunning Facade for the Building

The exterior of the building was transformed into a stunning facade that resonated with The Kharighars' luxury branding. This design not only enhanced the building's appearance but also served as a visual statement of the brand's premium status.

Internal Branding and Storytelling

A key aspect of the project was internal branding. As customers walked up the stairs, they were introduced to the story of The Kharighars, reinforcing the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This narrative journey was designed to build trust and deepen customer engagement with the brand.

Branded Lifts and Office Space

Attention to detail extended to branding the lifts and office spaces. These areas were adorned with elements that echoed the brand's luxury aesthetic, ensuring a consistent branding experience throughout the building.

Directional Signage and Floor Directory

Functional yet stylish directional signage and floor directories were created. These not only assisted in navigation but also complemented the overall interior design scheme.

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Graphics for Impact Walls and Reception

The reception area and impact walls featured captivating graphics designed by NOW media. These graphics were thoughtfully created to make a strong visual impact, welcoming clients into the world of luxury interiors as envisioned by The Kharighars.

Bringing Vision to Reality

The project's success was marked by the client's satisfaction, with NOW media effectively bringing The Kharighars' vision to life. The spatial branding not only aligned with the brand’s luxury appeal but also enhanced the customer experience within the store.


NOW media’s spatial branding for The Kharighars' flagship store in Bangalore is a testament to the power of thoughtful and cohesive branding in physical spaces.

By integrating the brand's story with luxurious design elements across various touchpoints, from the facade to the interior details, NOW media succeeded in creating an immersive brand experience that resonated with clients and reinforced The Kharighars’ position as a leader in luxury interior design.

This project demonstrates how spatial branding can be a pivotal factor in translating a brand's identity into a tangible and memorable customer experience.

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