1 November 2023


Scope of Work

NOW media was entrusted with the development of TESSA's brand identity, a brand emerging from the legacy of KMC.

The scope encompassed designing the logo, corporate stationery, and a comprehensive brochure that encapsulated TESSA's vision, mission, and range of products and services.

The Brief

TESSA, rooted in the rich heritage of KMC and evolving with a vision of innovation in interior and exterior solutions, required a brand identity that reflected its ethos of quality, trust, and innovation. The branding needed to communicate TESSA's commitment to crafting spaces with connectivity and functionality, while also honoring the legacy of KMC.

The brochure, a key element of the branding, detailed TESSA's offerings, including commercial and residential partitions, doors, accessories, and various other services.

It also narratively wove the story of TESSA's evolution from KMC, highlighting its journey since 1974, the leadership transition, and its expansion into new markets and sectors.

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This comprehensive branding initiative by NOW media effectively positioned TESSA as a leader in innovative and quality-driven interior and exterior solutions, rooted in a legacy of trust and evolving with a vision for the future.

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