1 October 2022


Scope of Work

The project's scope included creating a logo, colour palette, typeface, corporate presentation materials, business cards, letterheads, website content, wireframe, and imagery sourcing.

The Brief

Sine Qua Non, a UK-based sustainability consulting firm, approached NOW media to develop its brand identity from the ground up. With stakeholders increasingly demanding more than just profits from companies, Sine Qua Non positions itself as a partner in crafting effective, people-centric sustainability programs.

Logo Design

The logo was designed to encapsulate Sine Qua Non's core values of sustainability and corporate responsibility. It needed to be both professional and reflective of the firm's commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Colour Palette and Typeface

The colour palette and typeface were chosen to convey a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism, and commitment to sustainability. Earthy tones were likely incorporated to align with the environmental aspect of their mission.

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Corporate Presentation Materials

NOW media developed a range of corporate presentation materials including business cards and letterheads. These materials were designed to be not only visually appealing but also to communicate the firm's commitment to sustainability in every interaction.

Website Content and Wireframe Development

A critical aspect was the development of website content and wireframing. The content was tailored to clearly articulate Sine Qua Non's mission, services, and value proposition. The website's structure was designed for ease of navigation, ensuring that visitors could easily access information about the firm's sustainability services.

Imagery Sourcing for Website

The imagery used on the website was carefully selected to reinforce the firm's focus on sustainability. The images were likely chosen to evoke a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community.

Corporate Presentation Creation

The corporate presentation was crafted to effectively communicate Sine Qua Non's approach to sustainability. It served as a key tool for client engagements and presentations, encapsulating the firm's expertise and approach in assisting companies on their sustainability journey.

The branding project for Sine Qua Non by NOW media exemplifies how

a well-thought-out brand identity can effectively communicate a company's ethos and values.

By developing a cohesive set of branding materials, from the logo to the website, NOW media helped Sine Qua Non establish itself as a credible, professional sustainability consulting firm. This project highlights the importance of aligning a brand's visual identity with its mission, especially in fields like sustainability consulting, where trust and expertise are paramount.

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