1 December 2023


Scope of Work

A holistic approach to brand messaging and digital marketing. The focus was on content ideation, creating engaging content, managing social media pages, and running online ads.

The Brief

The aim was to highlight The OutfitX's commitment to personalized fitness experiences and its wide range of classes catering to various fitness goals.

  • Brainstorm and develop content ideas that resonate with OutfitX's unique approach to fitness. This involved creating content that showcased the variety of classes, the expertise of the coaches, and the personalized fitness journey offered at OutfitX.
  • The team undertook shooting content, including videos and images that highlighted the dynamic and diverse nature of OutfitX’s workout classes. The content was designed to be visually appealing and informative, effectively communicating the brand's message.
  • To increase brand visibility and attract new clients, targeted online advertising campaigns were implemented. These ads were designed to capture the essence of OutfitX’s tailored workout approach and to appeal to individuals seeking personalized fitness solutions.
NOW media’s comprehensive strategy for OutfitX effectively amplified the brand's presence in the fitness industry.
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Through targeted content creation, social media management, and online advertising, OutfitX's unique approach to fitness was showcased, attracting a wider audience.

This project highlights the importance of a well-rounded digital strategy in building brand awareness and engagement in a competitive market. By focusing on OutfitX's strengths and unique selling points, NOW media successfully positioned the brand as a leader in personalized fitness solutions.

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