1 October 2023


Scope of Work ‍

The scope of work encompassed creating a distinctive logo, developing a brand colour palette, selecting a brand typeface, producing signage mock-ups, designing additional brand graphics, and creating a suite of stationery.

A logo usage document was also part of the deliverables to ensure consistent brand application.

The Brief

Developing a brand identity for KYNEST and positioning them into a premier real estate developer. KYNEST engaged NOW media for a comprehensive development of their visual identity.

Logo Design

  • NOW media initiated the logo design process by presenting 3-4 unique logo directions post mood board approval. Based on Kynest’s feedback, these initial concepts were refined over two rounds of iterations to arrive at a final logo that resonates with the brand’s ethos.
  • NOW media designed additional graphics like patterns derived from the logo unit to enhance the brand’s visual identity. These elements provided added flexibility and aesthetic appeal to Kynest’s branding across different media.

A suite of stationery was designed, aligning with the established visual identity. This included letterheads, business cards, diary covers, pens, mugs, mousepads, notepads, and water bottles, creating a consistent brand experience.

A document outlining the basic logo usage guidelines was provided. This included instructions on logo spacing, color combinations, and co-branding, ensuring uniformity in Kynest’s brand representation across all platforms.

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The development of Kynest’s visual identity by NOW media encompassed a detailed and strategic approach, ensuring that every aspect of the brand’s visual representation echoed its evolution into a premier real estate developer.

From the logo design to the creation of a cohesive suite of stationery, each element was meticulously crafted to convey Kynest’s legacy and future aspirations. This comprehensive branding effort lays a solid foundation for Kynest's recognition and success in the competitive real estate development sector.

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