1 November 2023


Scope of Work

NOW media was engaged by KINE.AI for two distinct projects.

  • The first project involved creating an explainer video about KINE.AI’s predictive software development analytics platform
  • The second engagement focused on marketing the product, which included creating blog content for their LinkedIn and website, and managing Google and LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

The Brief

KINE.AI, sought NOW media’s expertise in simplifying and communicating their complex product to potential users.

The goal was to create an explainer video that made the product's features and benefits easily understandable. For the second project, KINE.AI needed comprehensive marketing support to enhance product visibility and engagement through strategic content creation and online advertising.

NOW media developed an explainer video that succinctly presented KINE.AI’s platform capabilities

Such as viewing global project health in one place and accessing granular performance data. The video aimed to demonstrate how KINE.AI prevents development projects from derailing by providing predictive analytics that highlight issues before they become critical.

This visual and engaging format was designed to make the complex functionalities of the platform easily comprehensible for website visitors.

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In the second phase of their collaboration, NOW media crafted targeted blog content for KINE.AI’s LinkedIn and website, focusing on the platform’s unique features and benefits. This content was geared towards establishing KINE.AI as a thought leader in the predictive analytics space. Simultaneously, NOW media managed Google and LinkedIn ad campaigns to drive traffic and generate leads. The trust placed in NOW media by KINE.AI reflects the agency's ability to tackle diverse challenges and deliver effective marketing solutions that resonate with the target audience, thereby enhancing product awareness and engagement.

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