1 December 2023


Scope of Work

NOW media was tasked with creating the brand identity for IZA, a Pan-Asian restaurant concept.

The scope included developing the restaurant's name, logo, color palette, menu design, internal and external signage, coasters, and name tags.

Additionally, NOW media was responsible for managing IZA’s social media presence and running advertising campaigns to build hype and awareness for the brand’s launch.

The Brief

The client presented a concept for a Pan-Asian restaurant that serves a variety of dishes including dim sums, sushi, and select Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thai cuisine, along with beer, wine, and soju.

The restaurant's ambiance was described as warm and inviting. The branding needed to encapsulate this essence and appeal to the restaurant's target audience, which included residents of nearby apartments and professionals working in the surrounding tech park.

NOW media developed the brand name 'IZA', inspired by the Japanese Izakaya concept, positioning it as Bangalore's first Izakaya.

This choice of name aimed to capture the essence of a casual yet stylish dining experience associated with Izakayas. The logo and color palette were crafted to reflect IZA's warm and inviting atmosphere, aligning with the Pan-Asian theme.

The menu design was tailored to showcase the diverse range of cuisines offered, while the internal and external signages, coasters, and name tags were designed to be consistent with the overall brand aesthetic.

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In addition to these branding elements, NOW media played a crucial role in building anticipation and awareness for IZA’s launch through strategic social media management and advertising campaigns.

These efforts were targeted at the restaurant's primary audience – residents of nearby apartments and the tech park’s working crowd. The comprehensive branding and marketing approach by NOW media successfully established IZA as a distinctive and appealing dining destination in Bangalore, catering to a diverse clientele with its inviting atmosphere and eclectic Pan-Asian menu.

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