30 January 2023


Scope of Work

‍Graphic Design, logo redesign, color palette update, modernizing the brand, UI design for the application, website development, blog content creation, and enhancing their LinkedIn presence.

The Brief ‍

Hellowiz, a US-based purpose-driven engagement platform connecting experienced professionals with students and young professionals for mentorship, approached NOW media for a comprehensive rebranding and digital transformation

Rebranding and Modernizing the Brand

NOW media undertook the task of rebranding Hellowiz to more accurately reflect its mission and appeal to its target audience. This included redesigning the logo to make it more contemporary and choosing a new color palette that resonated with the brand’s values and audience.

User Interface Design for Application

A significant part of the project was redesigning the user interface of the Hellowiz application. NOW media worked closely with developers to provide screens and user flows that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhanced the user experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Website Development

The development of the Hellowiz website was a comprehensive process that included wireframing, content creation, design, and deployment. The website was designed to be an extension of the brand’s new identity, providing a seamless digital experience for users.

Content Development and LinkedIn Presence

NOW media created engaging blog content for Hellowiz, aimed at driving traffic and increasing engagement. They also revitalized Hellowiz's LinkedIn presence, updating content to align with the refreshed brand identity and to better engage with the professional community.

Project Management and Timely Execution

Despite the challenges posed by geographical time differences, NOW media managed regular calls and online syncs, ensuring the project progressed without delays. Effective project management was key in maintaining the momentum and ensuring the successful completion of the rebranding and digital transformation.

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NOW media’s work with Hellowiz exemplifies a successful rebranding and digital transformation strategy.

By modernizing the brand identity, enhancing the digital user experience, and creating compelling online content.

NOW media significantly elevated Hellowiz's presence in the mentoring platform sector. This project stands as a testament to the power of effective branding, thoughtful UI/UX design, and strategic online content in resonating with target audiences and achieving business goals.

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