1 January 2023


Scope of Work

The project encompassed brand naming, logo design, developing a colour palette, uniform design, spatial/environmental branding, pre-launch hype on social media, performance ads and ongoing brand communication and ad management.

The Brief

To introduce a unique fitness bootcamp style workout in the Bangalore market, collaborated with NOW media to carve out a distinct brand identity. The challenge was not only to differentiate BlackBx from typical gyms but also to craft messaging that resonated with its potential premium clientele.

Research and Strategic Positioning

NOW media began with in-depth research to understand the Bangalore fitness market. This research informed the strategic positioning of BlackBx, focusing on creating a unique and elite fitness experience that stood apart from conventional gyms.

Mysterious Brand Naming - BlackBx

The name 'BlackBx' was chosen for its mysterious and unconventional connotation, steering away from typical gym names.

This choice played a significant role in positioning the brand as an exclusive and intriguing fitness studio..

Logo and Colour Palette

The logo and colour palette were developed to align with the refined and elite brand image. The design elements were chosen to reflect the intensity and sophistication of the bootcamp workouts offered at BlackBx.

The logo was inspired by the strides of a runner where the 4 pillars stand for Balance, Strength, Movement and Freedom.

Uniform Design

The uniforms for BlackBx staff were designed to be in sync with the brand's premium positioning. These uniforms contributed to the overall aesthetic of the fitness studio, enhancing the elite and professional image.

Pre-Launch Hype on Social Media

A strategic social media campaign was executed to generate excitement and anticipation for the launch of BlackBx. This campaign was crucial in building initial awareness and attracting an elite clientele.

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Ongoing Communication and Brand Evolution

NOW media’s role extended beyond the launch. We continued to work on evolving the brand over time through effective communication strategies, social media management, and managing online ads, including Google Ads.

The creation and evolution of BlackBx in Bangalore’s fitness market showcase the impact of well-researched and strategically executed branding.

NOW media’s approach in differentiating BlackBx through a mysterious name, sophisticated branding elements, and targeted pre-launch activities established the fitness studio as a unique and elite destination. The ongoing efforts in brand communication and online presence management have continued to evolve and solidify BlackBx's position in the market as a distinctive fitness bootcamp experience.

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